#include <string>
    string& assign( input_iterator start, input_iterator end );
    string& assign( const string& str );
    string& assign( const Char* str );
    string& assign( const Char* str, size_type num );
    string& assign( const string& str, size_type index, size_type len );
    string& assign( size_type num, Char ch );

The default assign method gives the current string the values from start to end, or gives it num copies of ch.

In addition to the normal assign functionality that all C++ containers have, strings possess an assign method that also allows them to:

For example, the following code:

     string str1, str2 = "War and Peace";
     str1.assign( str2, 4, 3 );
     cout << str1 << endl;



This function will destroy the previous contents of the string.

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