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java.awt.font Provides classes and interface relating to fonts. 

Uses of TextLayout.CaretPolicy in java.awt.font

Fields in java.awt.font declared as TextLayout.CaretPolicy
static TextLayout.CaretPolicy TextLayout.DEFAULT_CARET_POLICY
          This CaretPolicy is used when a policy is not specified by the client.

Methods in java.awt.font with parameters of type TextLayout.CaretPolicy
 Shape[] TextLayout.getCaretShapes(int offset, Rectangle2D bounds, TextLayout.CaretPolicy policy)
          Returns two paths corresponding to the strong and weak caret.
 TextHitInfo TextLayout.getNextLeftHit(int offset, TextLayout.CaretPolicy policy)
          Returns the hit for the next caret to the left (top); if no such hit, returns null.
 TextHitInfo TextLayout.getNextRightHit(int offset, TextLayout.CaretPolicy policy)
          Returns the hit for the next caret to the right (bottom); if no such hit, returns null.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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