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Uses of Interface

Packages that use BeanInfo
java.beans Contains classes related to developing beans -- components based on the JavaBeansTM architecture. 
java.beans.beancontext Provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context. 

Uses of BeanInfo in java.beans

Classes in java.beans that implement BeanInfo
 class SimpleBeanInfo
          This is a support class to make it easier for people to provide BeanInfo classes.

Methods in java.beans that return BeanInfo
 BeanInfo[] SimpleBeanInfo.getAdditionalBeanInfo()
          Claim there are no other relevant BeanInfo objects.
 BeanInfo[] BeanInfo.getAdditionalBeanInfo()
          This method allows a BeanInfo object to return an arbitrary collection of other BeanInfo objects that provide additional information on the current bean.
static BeanInfo Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class<?> beanClass)
          Introspect on a Java Bean and learn about all its properties, exposed methods, and events.
static BeanInfo Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class<?> beanClass, Class<?> stopClass)
          Introspect on a Java bean and learn all about its properties, exposed methods, below a given "stop" point.
static BeanInfo Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class<?> beanClass, int flags)
          Introspect on a Java bean and learn about all its properties, exposed methods, and events, subject to some control flags.

Uses of BeanInfo in java.beans.beancontext

Subinterfaces of BeanInfo in java.beans.beancontext
 interface BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfo
          A BeanContextServiceProvider implementor who wishes to provide explicit information about the services their bean may provide shall implement a BeanInfo class that implements this BeanInfo subinterface and provides explicit information about the methods, properties, events, etc, of their services.

Methods in java.beans.beancontext that return BeanInfo
 BeanInfo[] BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfo.getServicesBeanInfo()
          Gets a BeanInfo array, one for each service class or interface statically available from this ServiceProvider.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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