Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

Interface Readable

All Known Implementing Classes:
BufferedReader, CharArrayReader, CharBuffer, FileReader, FilterReader, InputStreamReader, LineNumberReader, PipedReader, PushbackReader, Reader, StringReader

public interface Readable

A Readable is a source of characters. Characters from a Readable are made available to callers of the read method via a CharBuffer.


Method Summary
 int read(CharBuffer cb)
          Attempts to read characters into the specified character buffer.

Method Detail


int read(CharBuffer cb)
         throws IOException
Attempts to read characters into the specified character buffer. The buffer is used as a repository of characters as-is: the only changes made are the results of a put operation. No flipping or rewinding of the buffer is performed.

cb - the buffer to read characters into
@return The number of char values added to the buffer, or -1 if this source of characters is at its end
IOException - if an I/O error occurs
NullPointerException - if cb is null
ReadOnlyBufferException - if cb is a read only buffer

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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