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Standard Ed. 6

Interface RunnableScheduledFuture<V>

Type Parameters:
V - The result type returned by this Future's get method
All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<Delayed>, Delayed, Future<V>, Runnable, RunnableFuture<V>, ScheduledFuture<V>

public interface RunnableScheduledFuture<V>
extends RunnableFuture<V>, ScheduledFuture<V>

A ScheduledFuture that is Runnable. Successful execution of the run method causes completion of the Future and allows access to its results.

See Also:
FutureTask, Executor

Method Summary
 boolean isPeriodic()
          Returns true if this is a periodic task.
Methods inherited from interface java.util.concurrent.RunnableFuture
Methods inherited from interface java.util.concurrent.Delayed
Methods inherited from interface java.lang.Comparable
Methods inherited from interface java.util.concurrent.Future
cancel, get, get, isCancelled, isDone

Method Detail


boolean isPeriodic()
Returns true if this is a periodic task. A periodic task may re-run according to some schedule. A non-periodic task can be run only once.

true if this task is periodic

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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