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java.util.logging Provides the classes and interfaces of the JavaTM 2 platform's core logging facilities. 

Uses of Formatter in java.util.logging

Subclasses of Formatter in java.util.logging
 class SimpleFormatter
          Print a brief summary of the LogRecord in a human readable format.
 class XMLFormatter
          Format a LogRecord into a standard XML format.

Methods in java.util.logging that return Formatter
 Formatter Handler.getFormatter()
          Return the Formatter for this Handler.

Methods in java.util.logging with parameters of type Formatter
 void Handler.setFormatter(Formatter newFormatter)
          Set a Formatter.

Constructors in java.util.logging with parameters of type Formatter
StreamHandler(OutputStream out, Formatter formatter)
          Create a StreamHandler with a given Formatter and output stream.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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