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Packages that use DataSource

Uses of DataSource in javax.activation

Classes in javax.activation that implement DataSource
 class FileDataSource
          The FileDataSource class implements a simple DataSource object that encapsulates a file.
 class URLDataSource
          The URLDataSource class provides an object that wraps a URL object in a DataSource interface.

Methods in javax.activation that return DataSource
 DataSource DataHandler.getDataSource()
          Return the DataSource associated with this instance of DataHandler.

Methods in javax.activation with parameters of type DataSource
 DataContentHandler CommandMap.createDataContentHandler(String mimeType, DataSource ds)
          Locate a DataContentHandler that corresponds to the MIME type.
 CommandInfo[] CommandMap.getAllCommands(String mimeType, DataSource ds)
          Get all the available commands for this type.
 CommandInfo CommandMap.getCommand(String mimeType, String cmdName, DataSource ds)
          Get the default command corresponding to the MIME type.
 Object DataContentHandler.getContent(DataSource ds)
          Return an object representing the data in its most preferred form.
 CommandInfo[] CommandMap.getPreferredCommands(String mimeType, DataSource ds)
          Get the preferred command list from a MIME Type.
 Object DataContentHandler.getTransferData(DataFlavor df, DataSource ds)
          Returns an object which represents the data to be transferred.

Constructors in javax.activation with parameters of type DataSource
DataHandler(DataSource ds)
          Create a DataHandler instance referencing the specified DataSource.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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