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Uses of MimeTypeParseException in javax.activation

Methods in javax.activation that throw MimeTypeParseException
 boolean MimeType.match(String rawdata)
          Determine if the primary and sub type of this object is the same as the content type described in rawdata.
protected  void MimeTypeParameterList.parse(String parameterList)
          A routine for parsing the parameter list out of a String.
 void MimeType.setPrimaryType(String primary)
          Set the primary type for this object to the given String.
 void MimeType.setSubType(String sub)
          Set the subtype for this object to the given String.

Constructors in javax.activation that throw MimeTypeParseException
MimeType(String rawdata)
          Constructor that builds a MimeType from a String.
MimeType(String primary, String sub)
          Constructor that builds a MimeType with the given primary and sub type but has an empty parameter list.
MimeTypeParameterList(String parameterList)
          Constructs a new MimeTypeParameterList with the passed in data.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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