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Packages that use IIOImage
javax.imageio The main package of the Java Image I/O API. 

Uses of IIOImage in javax.imageio

Methods in javax.imageio that return IIOImage
 IIOImage ImageReader.readAll(int imageIndex, ImageReadParam param)
          Reads the image indexed by imageIndex and returns an IIOImage containing the image, thumbnails, and associated image metadata, using a supplied ImageReadParam.

Methods in javax.imageio that return types with arguments of type IIOImage
 Iterator<IIOImage> ImageReader.readAll(Iterator<? extends ImageReadParam> params)
          Returns an Iterator containing all the images, thumbnails, and metadata, starting at the index given by getMinIndex, from the input source in the form of IIOImage objects.

Methods in javax.imageio with parameters of type IIOImage
 void ImageWriter.write(IIOImage image)
          Appends a complete image stream containing a single image with default metadata and thumbnails to the output.
abstract  void ImageWriter.write(IIOMetadata streamMetadata, IIOImage image, ImageWriteParam param)
          Appends a complete image stream containing a single image and associated stream and image metadata and thumbnails to the output.
 void ImageWriter.writeInsert(int imageIndex, IIOImage image, ImageWriteParam param)
          Inserts a new image into an existing image stream.
 void ImageWriter.writeToSequence(IIOImage image, ImageWriteParam param)
          Appends a single image and possibly associated metadata and thumbnails, to the output.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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