Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

Package javax.lang.model.type

Interfaces used to model Java programming language types.


Interface Summary
ArrayType Represents an array type.
DeclaredType Represents a declared type, either a class type or an interface type.
ErrorType Represents a class or interface type that cannot be properly modeled.
ExecutableType Represents the type of an executable.
NoType A pseudo-type used where no actual type is appropriate.
NullType Represents the null type.
PrimitiveType Represents a primitive type.
ReferenceType Represents a reference type.
TypeMirror Represents a type in the Java programming language.
TypeVariable Represents a type variable.
TypeVisitor<R,P> A visitor of types, in the style of the visitor design pattern.
WildcardType Represents a wildcard type argument.

Enum Summary
TypeKind The kind of a type mirror.

Exception Summary
MirroredTypeException Thrown when an application attempts to access the Class object corresponding to a TypeMirror.
MirroredTypesException Thrown when an application attempts to access a sequence of Class objects each corresponding to a TypeMirror.
UnknownTypeException Indicates that an unknown kind of type was encountered.

Package javax.lang.model.type Description

Interfaces used to model Java programming language types.

Unless otherwise specified in a particular implementation, the collections returned by methods in this package should be expected to be unmodifiable by the caller and unsafe for concurrent access.

Unless otherwise specified, methods in this package will throw a NullPointerException if given a null argument.


Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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