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Packages that use RMIConnection The RMI connector is a connector for the JMX Remote API that uses RMI to transmit client requests to a remote MBean server. 

Uses of RMIConnection in

Classes in that implement RMIConnection
 class RMIConnectionImpl
          Implementation of the RMIConnection interface.
 class RMIConnectionImpl_Stub

Methods in that return RMIConnection
protected  RMIConnection RMIIIOPServerImpl.makeClient(String connectionId, Subject subject)
          Creates a new client connection as an RMI object exported through IIOP.
protected  RMIConnection RMIJRMPServerImpl.makeClient(String connectionId, Subject subject)
          Creates a new client connection as an RMI object exported through JRMP.
protected abstract  RMIConnection RMIServerImpl.makeClient(String connectionId, Subject subject)
          Creates a new client connection.
 RMIConnection RMIServerImpl_Stub.newClient(Object $param_Object_1)
 RMIConnection RMIServer.newClient(Object credentials)
          Makes a new connection through this RMI connector.
 RMIConnection RMIServerImpl.newClient(Object credentials)
          Creates a new client connection.

Methods in with parameters of type RMIConnection
protected  void RMIServerImpl.clientClosed(RMIConnection client)
          Method called when a client connection created by makeClient is closed.
protected  void RMIIIOPServerImpl.closeClient(RMIConnection client)
protected  void RMIJRMPServerImpl.closeClient(RMIConnection client)
protected abstract  void RMIServerImpl.closeClient(RMIConnection client)
          Closes a client connection made by makeClient.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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