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Packages that use EventContext
javax.naming.event Provides support for event notification when accessing naming and directory services. 

Uses of EventContext in javax.naming.event

Subinterfaces of EventContext in javax.naming.event
 interface EventDirContext
          Contains methods for registering listeners to be notified of events fired when objects named in a directory context changes.

Methods in javax.naming.event that return EventContext
 EventContext NamingEvent.getEventContext()
          Retrieves the event source that fired this event.
 EventContext NamingExceptionEvent.getEventContext()
          Retrieves the EventContext that fired this event.

Constructors in javax.naming.event with parameters of type EventContext
NamingEvent(EventContext source, int type, Binding newBd, Binding oldBd, Object changeInfo)
          Constructs an instance of NamingEvent.
NamingExceptionEvent(EventContext source, NamingException exc)
          Constructs an instance of NamingExceptionEvent using the context in which the NamingException was thrown and the exception that was thrown.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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