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Interface InitialContextFactory

public interface InitialContextFactory

This interface represents a factory that creates an initial context.

The JNDI framework allows for different initial context implementations to be specified at runtime. The initial context is created using an initial context factory. An initial context factory must implement the InitialContextFactory interface, which provides a method for creating instances of initial context that implement the Context interface. In addition, the factory class must be public and must have a public constructor that accepts no arguments.

See Also:
InitialContextFactoryBuilder, NamingManager.getInitialContext(java.util.Hashtable), InitialContext, InitialDirContext

Method Summary
 Context getInitialContext(Hashtable<?,?> environment)
          Creates an Initial Context for beginning name resolution.

Method Detail


Context getInitialContext(Hashtable<?,?> environment)
                          throws NamingException
Creates an Initial Context for beginning name resolution. Special requirements of this context are supplied using environment.

The environment parameter is owned by the caller. The implementation will not modify the object or keep a reference to it, although it may keep a reference to a clone or copy.

environment - The possibly null environment specifying information to be used in the creation of the initial context.
A non-null initial context object that implements the Context interface.
NamingException - If cannot create an initial context.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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