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Packages that use DocPrintJob
javax.print Provides the principal classes and interfaces for the JavaTM Print Service API. 
javax.print.event Package javax.print.event contains event classes and listener interfaces. 

Uses of DocPrintJob in javax.print

Subinterfaces of DocPrintJob in javax.print
 interface CancelablePrintJob
          This interface is used by a printing application to cancel a print job.
 interface MultiDocPrintJob
          Obtained from a MultiDocPrintService, a MultiDocPrintJob can print a specified collection of documents as a single print job with a set of job attributes.

Methods in javax.print that return DocPrintJob
 DocPrintJob PrintService.createPrintJob()
          Creates and returns a PrintJob capable of handling data from any of the supported document flavors.

Uses of DocPrintJob in javax.print.event

Methods in javax.print.event that return DocPrintJob
 DocPrintJob PrintJobAttributeEvent.getPrintJob()
          Determine the Print Job to which this print job event pertains.
 DocPrintJob PrintJobEvent.getPrintJob()
          Determines the DocPrintJob to which this print job event pertains.

Constructors in javax.print.event with parameters of type DocPrintJob
PrintJobAttributeEvent(DocPrintJob source, PrintJobAttributeSet attributes)
          Constructs a PrintJobAttributeEvent object.
PrintJobEvent(DocPrintJob source, int reason)
          Constructs a PrintJobEvent object.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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