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Packages that use Bindings
javax.script The scripting API consists of interfaces and classes that define Java TM Scripting Engines and provides a framework for their use in Java applications. 

Uses of Bindings in javax.script

Classes in javax.script that implement Bindings
 class SimpleBindings
          A simple implementation of Bindings backed by a HashMap or some other specified Map.

Fields in javax.script declared as Bindings
protected  Bindings SimpleScriptContext.engineScope
          This is the engine scope bindings.
protected  Bindings SimpleScriptContext.globalScope
          This is the global scope bindings.

Methods in javax.script that return Bindings
 Bindings ScriptEngine.createBindings()
          Returns an uninitialized Bindings.
 Bindings ScriptEngineManager.getBindings()
          getBindings returns the value of the globalScope field.
 Bindings SimpleScriptContext.getBindings(int scope)
          Returns the value of the engineScope field if specified scope is ENGINE_SCOPE.
 Bindings ScriptContext.getBindings(int scope)
          Gets the Bindings associated with the given scope in this ScriptContext.
 Bindings ScriptEngine.getBindings(int scope)
          Returns a scope of named values.
 Bindings AbstractScriptEngine.getBindings(int scope)
          Returns the Bindings with the specified scope value in the protected context field.

Methods in javax.script with parameters of type Bindings
 Object CompiledScript.eval(Bindings bindings)
          Executes the program stored in the CompiledScript object using the supplied Bindings of attributes as the ENGINE_SCOPE of the associated ScriptEngine during script execution.
 Object ScriptEngine.eval(Reader reader, Bindings n)
          Same as eval(String, Bindings) except that the source of the script is provided as a Reader.
 Object AbstractScriptEngine.eval(Reader reader, Bindings bindings)
          eval(Reader, Bindings) calls the abstract eval(Reader, ScriptContext) method, passing it a ScriptContext whose Reader, Writers and Bindings for scopes other that ENGINE_SCOPE are identical to those members of the protected context field.
 Object ScriptEngine.eval(String script, Bindings n)
          Executes the script using the Bindings argument as the ENGINE_SCOPE Bindings of the ScriptEngine during the script execution.
 Object AbstractScriptEngine.eval(String script, Bindings bindings)
          Same as eval(Reader, Bindings) except that the abstract eval(String, ScriptContext) is used.
protected  ScriptContext AbstractScriptEngine.getScriptContext(Bindings nn)
          Returns a SimpleScriptContext.
 void ScriptEngineManager.setBindings(Bindings bindings)
          setBindings stores the specified Bindings in the globalScope field.
 void SimpleScriptContext.setBindings(Bindings bindings, int scope)
          Sets a Bindings of attributes for the given scope.
 void ScriptContext.setBindings(Bindings bindings, int scope)
          Associates a Bindings instance with a particular scope in this ScriptContext.
 void ScriptEngine.setBindings(Bindings bindings, int scope)
          Sets a scope of named values to be used by scripts.
 void AbstractScriptEngine.setBindings(Bindings bindings, int scope)
          Sets the Bindings with the corresponding scope value in the context field.

Constructors in javax.script with parameters of type Bindings
AbstractScriptEngine(Bindings n)
          Creates a new instance using the specified Bindings as the ENGINE_SCOPE Bindings in the protected context field.

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