Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

Package javax.swing.plaf.basic

Provides user interface objects built according to the Basic look and feel.


Interface Summary
ComboPopup The interface which defines the methods required for the implementation of the popup portion of a combo box.

Class Summary
BasicArrowButton JButton object that draws a scaled Arrow in one of the cardinal directions.
BasicBorders Factory object that can vend Borders appropriate for the basic L & F.
BasicBorders.RolloverButtonBorder Special thin border for rollover toolbar buttons.
BasicBorders.SplitPaneBorder Draws the border around the splitpane.
BasicButtonListener Button Listener
BasicButtonUI BasicButton implementation
BasicCheckBoxMenuItemUI BasicCheckboxMenuItem implementation
BasicCheckBoxUI CheckboxUI implementation for BasicCheckboxUI
BasicColorChooserUI Provides the basic look and feel for a JColorChooser.
BasicComboBoxEditor The default editor for editable combo boxes.
BasicComboBoxEditor.UIResource A subclass of BasicComboBoxEditor that implements UIResource.
BasicComboBoxRenderer ComboBox renderer
BasicComboBoxRenderer.UIResource A subclass of BasicComboBoxRenderer that implements UIResource.
BasicComboBoxUI Basic UI implementation for JComboBox.
BasicComboPopup This is a basic implementation of the ComboPopup interface.
BasicDesktopIconUI Basic L&F for a minimized window on a desktop.
BasicDesktopPaneUI Basic L&F for a desktop.
BasicDirectoryModel Basic implementation of a file list.
BasicEditorPaneUI Provides the look and feel for a JEditorPane.
BasicFileChooserUI Basic L&F implementation of a FileChooser.
BasicFormattedTextFieldUI Provides the look and feel implementation for JFormattedTextField.
BasicHTML Support for providing html views for the swing components.
BasicIconFactory Factory object that can vend Icons appropriate for the basic L & F.
BasicInternalFrameTitlePane The class that manages a basic title bar
BasicInternalFrameUI A basic L&F implementation of JInternalFrame.
BasicLabelUI A Windows L&F implementation of LabelUI.
BasicListUI An extensible implementation of ListUI.
BasicLookAndFeel A base class to use in creating a look and feel for Swing.
BasicMenuBarUI A default L&F implementation of MenuBarUI.
BasicMenuItemUI BasicMenuItem implementation
BasicMenuUI A default L&F implementation of MenuUI.
BasicOptionPaneUI Provides the basic look and feel for a JOptionPane.
BasicOptionPaneUI.ButtonAreaLayout ButtonAreaLayout behaves in a similar manner to FlowLayout.
BasicPanelUI BasicPanel implementation
BasicPasswordFieldUI Provides the Windows look and feel for a password field.
BasicPopupMenuSeparatorUI A Basic L&F implementation of PopupMenuSeparatorUI.
BasicPopupMenuUI A Windows L&F implementation of PopupMenuUI.
BasicProgressBarUI A Basic L&F implementation of ProgressBarUI.
BasicRadioButtonMenuItemUI BasicRadioButtonMenuItem implementation
BasicRadioButtonUI RadioButtonUI implementation for BasicRadioButtonUI
BasicRootPaneUI Basic implementation of RootPaneUI, there is one shared between all JRootPane instances.
BasicScrollBarUI Implementation of ScrollBarUI for the Basic Look and Feel
BasicScrollPaneUI A default L&F implementation of ScrollPaneUI.
BasicSeparatorUI A Basic L&F implementation of SeparatorUI.
BasicSliderUI A Basic L&F implementation of SliderUI.
BasicSpinnerUI The default Spinner UI delegate.
BasicSplitPaneDivider Divider used by BasicSplitPaneUI.
BasicSplitPaneUI A Basic L&F implementation of the SplitPaneUI.
BasicTabbedPaneUI A Basic L&F implementation of TabbedPaneUI.
BasicTableHeaderUI BasicTableHeaderUI implementation
BasicTableUI BasicTableUI implementation
BasicTextAreaUI Provides the look and feel for a plain text editor.
BasicTextFieldUI Basis of a look and feel for a JTextField.
BasicTextPaneUI Provides the look and feel for a styled text editor.
BasicTextUI Basis of a text components look-and-feel.
BasicToggleButtonUI BasicToggleButton implementation
BasicToolBarSeparatorUI A Basic L&F implementation of ToolBarSeparatorUI.
BasicToolBarUI A Basic L&F implementation of ToolBarUI.
BasicToolTipUI Standard tool tip L&F.
BasicTreeUI The basic L&F for a hierarchical data structure.
BasicViewportUI BasicViewport implementation
DefaultMenuLayout The default layout manager for Popup menus and menubars.

Package javax.swing.plaf.basic Description

Provides user interface objects built according to the Basic look and feel. The Basic look and feel provides default behavior used by many look and feel packages. It contains components, layout managers, events, event listeners, and adapters. You can subclass the classes in this package to create your own customized look and feel.

These classes are designed to be used while the corresponding LookAndFeel class has been installed (UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new XXXLookAndFeel())). Using them while a different LookAndFeel is installed may produce unexpected results, including exceptions. Additionally, changing the LookAndFeel maintained by the UIManager without updating the corresponding ComponentUI of any JComponents may also produce unexpected results, such as the wrong colors showing up, and is generally not encouraged.

Note: Most of the Swing API is not thread safe. For details, see Threads and Swing, a section in The Java Tutorial.


Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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