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Packages that use GlyphView
javax.swing.text Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components. 
javax.swing.text.html Provides the class HTMLEditorKit and supporting classes for creating HTML text editors. 

Uses of GlyphView in javax.swing.text

Subclasses of GlyphView in javax.swing.text
 class LabelView
          A LabelView is a styled chunk of text that represents a view mapped over an element in the text model.

Methods in javax.swing.text with parameters of type GlyphView
abstract  float GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getAscent(GlyphView v)
abstract  int GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getBoundedPosition(GlyphView v, int p0, float x, float len)
          Determines the model location that represents the maximum advance that fits within the given span.
abstract  float GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getDescent(GlyphView v)
abstract  float GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getHeight(GlyphView v)
 int GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getNextVisualPositionFrom(GlyphView v, int pos, Position.Bias b, Shape a, int direction, Position.Bias[] biasRet)
          Provides a way to determine the next visually represented model location that one might place a caret.
 GlyphView.GlyphPainter GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getPainter(GlyphView v, int p0, int p1)
          Create a painter to use for the given GlyphView.
abstract  float GlyphView.GlyphPainter.getSpan(GlyphView v, int p0, int p1, TabExpander e, float x)
          Determine the span the glyphs given a start location (for tab expansion).
abstract  Shape GlyphView.GlyphPainter.modelToView(GlyphView v, int pos, Position.Bias bias, Shape a)
          Provides a mapping from the document model coordinate space to the coordinate space of the view mapped to it.
abstract  void GlyphView.GlyphPainter.paint(GlyphView v, Graphics g, Shape a, int p0, int p1)
          Paint the glyphs representing the given range.
abstract  int GlyphView.GlyphPainter.viewToModel(GlyphView v, float x, float y, Shape a, Position.Bias[] biasReturn)
          Provides a mapping from the view coordinate space to the logical coordinate space of the model.

Uses of GlyphView in javax.swing.text.html

Subclasses of GlyphView in javax.swing.text.html
 class InlineView
          Displays the inline element styles based upon css attributes.

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Standard Ed. 6

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