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Packages that use JavaFileManager.Location
javax.annotation.processing Facilities for declaring annotation processors and for allowing annotation processors to communicate with an annotation processing tool environment. Provides interfaces for tools which can be invoked from a program, for example, compilers. 

Uses of JavaFileManager.Location in javax.annotation.processing

Methods in javax.annotation.processing with parameters of type JavaFileManager.Location
 FileObject Filer.createResource(JavaFileManager.Location location, CharSequence pkg, CharSequence relativeName, Element... originatingElements)
          Creates a new auxiliary resource file for writing and returns a file object for it.
 FileObject Filer.getResource(JavaFileManager.Location location, CharSequence pkg, CharSequence relativeName)
          Returns an object for reading an existing resource.

Uses of JavaFileManager.Location in

Classes in that implement JavaFileManager.Location
 class StandardLocation
          Standard locations of file objects.

Methods in that return JavaFileManager.Location
static JavaFileManager.Location StandardLocation.locationFor(String name)
          Gets a location object with the given name.

Methods in with parameters of type JavaFileManager.Location
 ClassLoader ForwardingJavaFileManager.getClassLoader(JavaFileManager.Location location)
 ClassLoader JavaFileManager.getClassLoader(JavaFileManager.Location location)
          Gets a class loader for loading plug-ins from the given location.
 FileObject ForwardingJavaFileManager.getFileForInput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String packageName, String relativeName)
 FileObject JavaFileManager.getFileForInput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String packageName, String relativeName)
          Gets a file object for input representing the specified relative name in the specified package in the given location.
 FileObject ForwardingJavaFileManager.getFileForOutput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String packageName, String relativeName, FileObject sibling)
 FileObject JavaFileManager.getFileForOutput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String packageName, String relativeName, FileObject sibling)
          Gets a file object for output representing the specified relative name in the specified package in the given location.
 JavaFileObject ForwardingJavaFileManager.getJavaFileForInput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String className, JavaFileObject.Kind kind)
 JavaFileObject JavaFileManager.getJavaFileForInput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String className, JavaFileObject.Kind kind)
          Gets a file object for input representing the specified class of the specified kind in the given location.
 JavaFileObject ForwardingJavaFileManager.getJavaFileForOutput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String className, JavaFileObject.Kind kind, FileObject sibling)
 JavaFileObject JavaFileManager.getJavaFileForOutput(JavaFileManager.Location location, String className, JavaFileObject.Kind kind, FileObject sibling)
          Gets a file object for output representing the specified class of the specified kind in the given location.
 Iterable<? extends File> StandardJavaFileManager.getLocation(JavaFileManager.Location location)
          Gets the path associated with the given location.
 boolean ForwardingJavaFileManager.hasLocation(JavaFileManager.Location location)
 boolean JavaFileManager.hasLocation(JavaFileManager.Location location)
          Determines if a location is known to this file manager.
 String ForwardingJavaFileManager.inferBinaryName(JavaFileManager.Location location, JavaFileObject file)
 String JavaFileManager.inferBinaryName(JavaFileManager.Location location, JavaFileObject file)
          Infers a binary name of a file object based on a location.
 Iterable<JavaFileObject> ForwardingJavaFileManager.list(JavaFileManager.Location location, String packageName, Set<JavaFileObject.Kind> kinds, boolean recurse)
 Iterable<JavaFileObject> JavaFileManager.list(JavaFileManager.Location location, String packageName, Set<JavaFileObject.Kind> kinds, boolean recurse)
          Lists all file objects matching the given criteria in the given location.
 void StandardJavaFileManager.setLocation(JavaFileManager.Location location, Iterable<? extends File> path)
          Associates the given path with the given location.

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Standard Ed. 6

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