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Standard Ed. 6

Class SchemaOutputResolver

  extended by javax.xml.bind.SchemaOutputResolver

public abstract class SchemaOutputResolver
extends Object

Controls where a JAXB implementation puts the generates schema files.

An implementation of this abstract class has to be provided by the calling application to generate schemas.

This is a class, not an interface so as to allow future versions to evolve without breaking the compatibility.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Result createOutput(String namespaceUri, String suggestedFileName)
          Decides where the schema file (of the given namespace URI) will be written, and return it as a Result object.
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Constructor Detail


public SchemaOutputResolver()
Method Detail


public abstract Result createOutput(String namespaceUri,
                                    String suggestedFileName)
                             throws IOException
Decides where the schema file (of the given namespace URI) will be written, and return it as a Result object.

This method is called only once for any given namespace. IOW, all the components in one namespace is always written into the same schema document.

namespaceUri - The namespace URI that the schema declares. Can be the empty string, but never be null.
suggestedFileName - A JAXB implementation generates an unique file name (like "schema1.xsd") for the convenience of the callee. This name can be used for the file name of the schema, or the callee can just ignore this name and come up with its own name. This is just a hint.
a Result object that encapsulates the actual destination of the schema. If the Result object has a system ID, it must be an absolute system ID. Those system IDs are relativized by the caller and used for <xs:import> statements. If the Result object does not have a system ID, a schema for the namespace URI is generated but it won't be explicitly <xs:import>ed from other schemas. If null is returned, the schema generation for this namespace URI will be skipped.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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