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Package javax.xml.transform.sax

This package implements SAX2-specific transformation APIs.


Interface Summary
TemplatesHandler A SAX ContentHandler that may be used to process SAX parse events (parsing transformation instructions) into a Templates object.
TransformerHandler A TransformerHandler listens for SAX ContentHandler parse events and transforms them to a Result.

Class Summary
SAXResult Acts as an holder for a transformation Result.
SAXSource Acts as an holder for SAX-style Source.
SAXTransformerFactory This class extends TransformerFactory to provide SAX-specific factory methods.

Package javax.xml.transform.sax Description

This package implements SAX2-specific transformation APIs. It provides classes which allow input from ContentHandler events, and also classes that produce org.xml.sax.ContentHandler events. It also provides methods to set the input source as an XMLReader, or to use a InputSource as the source. It also allows the creation of a XMLFilter, which enables transformations to "pull" from other transformations, and lets the transformer to be used polymorphically as an XMLReader.

The SAXSource class allows the setting of an XMLReader to be used for "pulling" parse events, and an InputSource that may be used to specify the SAX source.

The SAXResult class allows the setting of a ContentHandler to be the receiver of SAX2 events from the transformation.

The SAXTransformerFactory extends TransformerFactory to provide factory methods for creating TemplatesHandler, TransformerHandler, and XMLReader instances.

To obtain a SAXTransformerFactory, the caller must cast the TransformerFactory instance returned from TransformerFactory.newInstance().

The TransformerHandler interface allows a transformation to be created from SAX2 parse events, which is a "push" model rather than the "pull" model that normally occurs for a transformation. Normal parse events are received through the ContentHandler interface, lexical events such as startCDATA and endCDATA are received through the LexicalHandler interface, and events that signal the start or end of disabling output escaping are received via ContentHandler.processingInstruction(java.lang.String, java.lang.String), with the target parameter being Result.PI_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING and Result.PI_ENABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING. If parameters, output properties, or other features need to be set on the Transformer handler, a Transformer reference will need to be obtained from TransformerHandler.getTransformer(), and the methods invoked from that reference.

The TemplatesHandler interface allows the creation of Templates objects from SAX2 parse events. Once the ContentHandler events are complete, the Templates object may be obtained from TemplatesHandler.getTemplates(). Note that TemplatesHandler.setSystemId(java.lang.String) should normally be called in order to establish a base system ID from which relative URLs may be resolved.

The SAXTransformerFactory.newXMLFilter(javax.xml.transform.Source) method allows the creation of a XMLFilter, which encapsulates the SAX2 notion of a "pull" transformation. The following illustrates several transformations chained together. Each filter points to a parent XMLReader, and the final transformation is caused by invoking XMLReader.parse(org.xml.sax.InputSource) on the final reader in the chain.

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