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Packages that use GSSCredential
org.ietf.jgss This package presents a framework that allows application developers to make use of security services like authentication, data integrity and data confidentiality from a variety of underlying security mechanisms like Kerberos, using a unified API. 

Uses of GSSCredential in org.ietf.jgss

Methods in org.ietf.jgss that return GSSCredential
abstract  GSSCredential GSSManager.createCredential(GSSName name, int lifetime, Oid[] mechs, int usage)
          Factory method for acquiring credentials over a set of mechanisms.
abstract  GSSCredential GSSManager.createCredential(GSSName name, int lifetime, Oid mech, int usage)
          Factory method for acquiring a single mechanism credential.
abstract  GSSCredential GSSManager.createCredential(int usage)
          Factory method for acquiring default credentials.
 GSSCredential GSSContext.getDelegCred()
          Obtains the credentials delegated by the context initiator to the context acceptor.

Methods in org.ietf.jgss with parameters of type GSSCredential
abstract  GSSContext GSSManager.createContext(GSSCredential myCred)
          Factory method for creating a context on the acceptor' side.
abstract  GSSContext GSSManager.createContext(GSSName peer, Oid mech, GSSCredential myCred, int lifetime)
          Factory method for creating a context on the initiator's side.

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Standard Ed. 6

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