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Packages that use ApplicationException
org.omg.CORBA Provides the mapping of the OMG CORBA APIs to the JavaTM programming language, including the class ORB, which is implemented so that a programmer can use it as a fully-functional Object Request Broker (ORB). 
org.omg.CORBA.portable Provides a portability layer, that is, a set of ORB APIs that makes it possible for code generated by one vendor to run on another vendor's ORB. 

Uses of ApplicationException in org.omg.CORBA

Methods in org.omg.CORBA that throw ApplicationException
 InputStream LocalObject._invoke(OutputStream output)
          Throws an org.omg.CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT exception with the message "This is a locally constrained object." This method is the default implementation of the org.omg.CORBA.Object method.

Uses of ApplicationException in org.omg.CORBA.portable

Methods in org.omg.CORBA.portable that throw ApplicationException
 InputStream ObjectImpl._invoke(OutputStream output)
          Invokes an operation and returns an InputStream object for reading the response.
 InputStream Delegate.invoke(Object self, OutputStream output)
          invoke is called by a stub to invoke an operation.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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