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Javadoc is a tool that parses the declarations and documentation comments in a set of source files and produces a set of HTML pages describing the classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields.

You can use a Javadoc doclet to customize Javadoc output. A doclet is a program written with the Doclet API that specifies the content and format of the output to be generated by the Javadoc tool. You can write a doclet to generate any kind of text-file output, such as HTML, SGML, XML, RTF, and MIF. SunTM provides a "standard" doclet for generating HTML-format API documentation and an experimental MIF doclet for generating MIF, PDF, FrameMaker, and other formats. Doclets can also be used to perform special tasks not related to producing API documentation.

A taglet is a program that allows you to create and use custom tags that are more flexible than custom tags created with the -tag option. A custom tag is used by a doclet to format and display text from a Javadoc tag. A taglet must implement the taglet interface.

API Specification


The following pages list all javadoc tags and command-line options for running the the Javadoc tool, with examples for Solaris and Microsoft Windows.

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