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2011 ACM ICPC South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

1 - NASCAR Drivers


In NASCAR drivers are often known by the number of the car they drive.


Input to this problem will begin with a line containing a single integer n indicating the number of comparisons. The next n lines each contain two fields. The first field is a 1 or 2 digit number followed by one space. The second field will be the driver's name (may include white space).


For each input line, you should output a line that says "name drives car number #".

Sample Input:

3 Dale Earnhardt
55 Michael Waltrip
29 Kevin Harvick

Sample Output:

Dale Earnhardt drives car number 3
Michael Waltrip drives car number 55
Kevin Harvick drives car number 29

Note: Due to current economic circumstances (budget cuts) we are using a recycled problem for practice this year.