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2011 ACM ICPC South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

2 - All Your Base

Premise: Given a specification for a “base” (well, actually a mixed radix number system), take in pairs of numbers written in our “base”, perform a specified operation on them and output the result in our base.

The Base: A number system where the right-most digit (digit 1) can be a counting number between 0 and 1, the second right-most digit (digit 2) can be a counting number between 0 and 2 and, more generally, each digit n (as labeled from the right) can have values between 0 and n. After 9, upper case letters are used, starting with A and going through Z. After the highest digit (which can be 0-Z), no further digits are possible; any numbers which go past that digit are invalid. Negative numbers are prefixed with a single “-” sign. Numbers never have leading zeros, with the exception of zero itself, which is represented by a single “0” character.

Operations: Addition (+) and subtraction (-): The numbers are added or subtracted as normal (including carrying, borrowing, etc).



3 Number of operations; no output for this line
3 + 5Invalid Neither number is valid
9987654321 + 1A000000000
-A000000000 - 1-A000000001