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2011 ACM South Central USA Regional Programming Contest


First Solved

Problem First First Semi-Unique
ID Name Time Team Time Team
A 1 Robot Navigation 160 UT Team 1 (UT Austin) 160 UT Team 1 (UT Austin)
B 2 All Your Base 166 Stars (UT Dallas) 166 Stars (UT Dallas)
C 3 Periodic, My Dear Watson 158 Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M) 158 Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M)
D 4 This is Halloween: Saving Money 20 Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M) 40 Frogs (TCU)
E 5 Coffin Tiles 27 Aleph One (Tulsa) 27 Aleph One (Tulsa)
F 6 Thinking Inside the Box 164 Rice Blue (Rice) 164 Rice Blue (Rice)
G 7 Lightbulb Testing -- -- -- --
H 8 Operation: Merchant Boorine -- -- -- --
Updated Tue Nov 1 17:04:52 2011 Description of the "First Solved" report: A table of the first good solution to each problem. The semi-unique column is similar to the "first" column, but avoids having a team listed multiple times.